NFT and Membership: MO Pixers by MOGO

MO Pixers NFT are here!

Wait a minute, What is NFT?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. They are digital assets that are on a blockchain with unique identifiers and metadata offering complete ownership. Every NFT is unique and they can be traded online in NFT marketplaces such as Opensea, Binance NFT and Crypto.

So, NFT with Membership? MOGO's first NFT drop

Visitors From the Universe Collection

A limited edition collection where your MO Pixer leads you to a world where humans live in harmony with cyber citizens from other planets. The journey begins today. Get your NFT now!
This is the first chapter of MO Pixers, empowered by NiFiTi.

Now, MOGO has jumped on the hype of NFT to bring a complete new experience for our loyal users, providing an entry to the digital world.
Only 500 participants will be chosen randomly as MO Pixer owners and they will have exclusive access to tailor-made privileges and benefits.

Welcome MO Pixers

It’s MOGO’s first official collaboration with NiFiTi, combining with the art of NFT to bring users the all new MO Pixers Membership program. Unlock unlimited access to exclusive benefits and privileges with limited-edition MO Pixer NFTs. MO Pixers can act as your digital identity and serve as your key to the digital worlds. Check it out now!

Little bit about MOGO

MOGO is short for Mobile on the go, which basically means we focus on connecting everyone and everything when they are mobile. MOGO gives more because travellers are no longer content with a single Internet connection, expecting more sharing and content consumption.

All products are perfect for travel, no matter if you are travelling alone or with pals on board.

Owning a MO Pixer NFT can bring you life-time benefits that will increase in value over time.