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ZENGO M1 Mini Massager | Small & Convenient | Great for Shoulder Neck Back Arm | Kneading, Elbow pressing, Acupuncture, Skin scraping and Combo

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Less than 15 grams, Small and Exquisite. Three Buttons, including all functions

For travelling, sport, house-wear and office, you can get relieved anytime and anywhere.

Ultra-long battery life
It can be used continuously for 240 minutes and stand by for 6 months after fully charged.


Five elaborate massage action---Kneading, Elbow pressing, Acupuncture, Skin scraping and Combo

Six parts of the body---Shoulder, Waist, Back, Arm, Lap and Neck vertebra

use on neck

Smart Security system
It’ll power off when taking off the machine and it’ll return to work when it’s on your body.

Working Principle
The output current is bionic micro-current in a low way. Different current signals simulate such physical massaging action as beating and pinching. It helps to relax your muscle, cure tiredness and boost circulation.


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