Terms of service

1. Fair Usage Policy

The Fair Usage Policy ("the policy") is applicable to the global data services provided by iFREE GROUP. Please read the Policy carefully and make sure you understand all terms. Once you use the data service provided by iFREE GROUP, you agree to accept the terms of this policy by default.

2. Policy Overview

This Policy applies to all users of iFREE GROUP (HK) Limited (“iFREE”). After establishing the service contracts with iFREE GROUP, the user should make sure not abuse, misuse, waste the data services within the contract period when using mobile data services. Under the policy, iFREE GROUP will control some user data usage if necessary, to attempt to keep internet data at reasonable levels to protect fairness to all users.

3. Policy Objective

3.1 Ensure that all data services run smoothly at any time.
3.2 Ensure that the data services of local operators will not be affected by extreme dosage to maintain network stability and security.
3.3 Allows users to use the high-bandwidth network (peer-to-peer shared files) locally, but the operation will restrict the overuse of data network.
3.4 Ensure that every user can enjoy the global data service in a fair and reasonable environment without affecting other users.

4. Notice

4.1 iFREE GROUP provides users with the most comprehensive travel service. Users can install iFREE GROUP APP (MOGO) and successfully register as iFREE users to enjoy services including high-speed data network.
4.2 Under this policy, users can choose the corresponding package to meet their own needs. In addition, users will be required to activate the package within the package service period. Once the package is activated, it will take effect immediately, and if the user fails to use it within the period of validity, the package will automatically expire.
4.3 The data package purchased by the user will automatically switch to low-speed after the high-speed data is used up. The rate of slow-speed data will be adjusted according to the local operators' fair usage policy.

5. Policy Implement

5.1 The maximum amount of data use will be stated in the service contract based on the customer's choice of service plan, the upper limit of the operator mobile data charge and related value-added services.
5.2 Except for violating the highest usage, iFREE GROUP ensures that general usage is not restricted under normal conditions, such as email, website browsing, and VPN.
5.3 iFREE GROUP will provide the user with the corresponding data speed, download limits and the use of the service according to the user's payment.
5.4 iFREE GROUP have the right to limit the speed at which the peer-to-peer monitoring be used in a busy period and exceed the fair use level (such as longtime downloads or upload large-capacity data).
5.5 If we judge the use of the data service for excessive or unreasonable ( up or exceed our rules of fair use), we will take reasonable way to manage the data service usage (adjusting the data service and network resources priorities or limited data transmission, etc.).

6. Risks and Liability

6.1 Due to some uncontrollable factors, including but not limited to the functional issues of user's mobile device, network transmission, web server speed or insufficient capacity, operator service interruptions, network failure, or for non-human phenomena such as weather, terrain effects or other substantial obstacles caused by radio interference phenomenon. The above situation may cause the actual data transmission speed not stable and other consequences, which shall be at the user's own risk.
6.2 iFREE GROUP reserves the right to consider any illegal, prohibitive, abnormal or unusual behaviour in the user judgment. iFREE GROUP has the right to unilaterally terminate or suspend your using of any iFREE GROUP product if we have sufficient evidence to find that you have violated this policy when using our product.
6.3 iFREE GROUP reserves the right to monitor your usage of data services. If you fail to comply with this policy, or iFREE GROUP makes a reasonable judgment that you are using too much or unreasonable data, may limit immediately the overuse data without prior notice.

7. Final Note

7.1 This policy applies to all users who use the iFREE GROUP's communications services. This policy is complementary to the terms and conditions of the service agreement. If there is ambiguity in part of the content, the relevant part of the service agreement is subject to it.
7.2 iFREE GROUP reserves the right to revise any terms and conditions of the fair usage policy without prior notice.
7.3 iFREE GROUP reserves right of final interpretation of this Fair Usage Policy