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  • About Travelution Store

iFREE GROUP is driven by a desire to make living and travelling easier and more enjoyable for everyone, including individuals and corporates alike. As a TRAVELUTION company, iFREE GROUP focuses on introducing products and solutions that ensure our customers are always connected, as well as to enhance their well-being. 

By consolidating all-travel and lifestyle related products and solutions into a website and app, The Travelution Store, is iFREE GROUP’s one stop e-commerce platform that heralds a new era of living and mobility, encapsulating our no limits, no boundaries vision.

  • About iFREE GROUP

iFREE GROUP is a leading edge multinational technology company specialising in the development of Internet of Things (IoT), in areas including edge computing, artificial intelligence (AI), facial recognition and related smart devices and solutions for various integrations and applications. Our global businesses include IoT and related smart solutions, 5G & global connectivity, Travelution, Big Data & analytics, e-commerce & payments and global investments. The strong synergy between our global business units is providing a strong foundation for iFREE GROUP of companies, covering both B2B and B2C. We are operating in 34 countries around the world, with 24 offices and 4 dedicated inhouse R&D teams located in China, Korea, UK and USA. Our strong strategic partnership network enables us to connect with over 800 global network operators in over 200 countries and territories.