What is an eSIM?

An eSIM is a digital SIM that allows you to get connection without the need of inserting a physical SIM. Get connected quick and easy MOGO eSIM.


Roam with instant network connection at favourable prices with MOGO eSIM. With MOGO eSIM, you will stay connected wherever you are in the world. Covers 70+ countries and regions. Surf freely now.


  • Great Value Savings - Data for as low as USD0.40/day. Cheaper than local rates

  • Reusable & rechargable - Purchase data plans for your eSIM. Convenient and easy

  • Pay as You Go - No monthly payment. No roaming costs. No hidden fees

  • FREE eSIM Profile - Get a free eSIM with a data plan and surf all the way on your trip

How to use? 

  1. Select eSIM data plan

  2. Scan QR code to install

  3. Turn on data roaming to activate


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