MOGO T1 - World First eSIM Global Tracker
MOGO T1 - World First eSIM Global Tracker
MOGO T1 - World First eSIM Global Tracker
MOGO T1 - World First eSIM Global Tracker
MOGO T1 - World First eSIM Global Tracker
MOGO T1 - World First eSIM Global Tracker

MOGO T1 - World First eSIM Global Tracker

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Every customer can only purchase one device by default. If you're interested in being one of our distributors of MOGO T1, please contact us at Once shipped, refunds are not supported.

1. What's MOGO T1 and why you should join?

MOGO T1 is the world's first eSIM global tracker that is worth 90 USD. It's the best guardian you could ever ask for for your belongings and perhaps, your child or your pet.

This time, we are offering a great deal to you with the intention of knowing your views on our product. With the cost of only 30 USD, you will have a MOGO T1 sent to you by courier directly.

Once you become our MOGO T1 Pilot, you will get a MOGO T1 with only 30 USD and an Europe 5GB data plan to use in MOGO eSIM for FREE (For more details about MOGO eSIM, please click MOGO eSIM).

2. How to become a MOGO T1 Pilot?

Click to fill out the  MOGO T1 survey

4. Benefits you will get as a MOGO T1 Pilot

  • Be our VIP customer
A Pilot is also a privileged pioneer among all our customers. You will be able to access to all our products, e.g. MOGO S card, MOGO S1 and MOGO S2.
  • Free 5GB data plan
After you have used the T1, please contact our Customer Service Team to complete a survey. Once the survey is done, you will receive a free 5GB Europe data plan.
  • More free data plans
Spread the word to your friends and family. You will be rewarded two more free 5GB Europe data plans if they have made an order.


Ultra-compact, lightweight, discrete and durable, it slips easily into cars, trucks, strollers, bags, backpacks, trunks, and pockets, keeping you instantly in the know with just a simple click. Unlike other devices, you can also track up to 10 devices under one account with an easy to use the Mtrack app.

You can attach your T1 tracker to so many of the things you need. Use it to find your keys, phone, purse or jacket. When that thing is lost, ping T1 with your mobile phone to make it ring. You can find your phone with T1 tracker too by pinging your mobile phone with the button on T1. And T1 will make your phone ring even if your phone is on silent! The Mtrack app shows the last known location on a map and uses Bluetooth to tell you if you are near or far.

Anti-lost Alarm

This tracker with Bluetooth feature effectively protects your valuables like phone, key, wallet, credit cards, ect, from loss with Anti-loss Mode. It will triger two-way simultaneous alerts loudly and instantly, even on silent to help you find the misplaced items, when you're 10 meters away.

One-click' SOS emergency notification

Specifically designed for children, elderlies, disabled and any frequent travellers in-need, the emergency SOS status can be activated,just press the button 3 times on the T1 tracker to trigger alerts for rescues or follow ups.

Live Tracking & Worldwide Location history

This GPS tracker offers real-time tracking with up to 5-second updates through our Mtrack APP (Android/ iOS)  and makes it easy to view locations, addresses, and routes. Multi-boarder positioning is supported by our e-SIM global data network and you could see how long they have stopped for and get movement alerts.

【Pls Note】:  A subscription fee is required for the real-time gps tracker device, to cover the cost of cellular charges just like for a cellphone. It only supports 2G cellular and it has to work with a subscription plan. Please confirm there is 2G cellular coverage before your order.

Geofencing Set ups & Alerts

It’s easy to set up and schedule a geofence and get instant alerts via push notification anytime the tracker enters or leaves the area you’ve defined. You’ll know the moment your loved one goes beyond the “safe” zone. Tracking cars or trucks? No problem. Anytime your vehicle leaves a geofence you'll get an instant alert to notify you.

Lost & Found Feature

Are you someone that easily gets lost or with no sense of direction?

No worries. Use the Mtrack app and it will provide clues for you to find the lost items. With just a simple click, your partner/best friend/parents will be notified and are able to locate you at an instant.

Multi-tracker Management

Multi-tracker management feature can allow you to manage up to 5 devices under one account. Your friends and family can receive alerts and your position from your T1 when they need to.

Embedded SIM

We're all familiar with the SIM card that we have to pop out from our previous phone and insert into our new device to get wireless service. But things are changing.  In just a few years, eSIM has become a generic term used worldwide to describe a new vector of mobile connectivity for consumer and IoT devices.

As its name suggests, our eSIM global tracker which is embedded with SIM card is compatible with all leading carriers, so the network access experience is straightforward and works seamlessly across the world. Also, it enables simple management of subscriptions and connections, hence you don't have to manage multiple SIM cards.

And it's also a superior alternative to Apple’s AirTag. MOGO T1 can track short and long distances, and even in a remote area, with 2G network, it could still keep track of your personal belongings and pets. Unlike Airtag, which can only be used on iOS devices and could be lost tracking data in the remore area.

MOGO T1 comes with an application named M Track, which is compatible with iOS 9.3 or Android 5.0 devices.

When you buy the device, you will get a FREE ONE-YEAR prepaid international data plan, enabling you to immediately track your belongings once it activated.

For more information on MOGO T1, see our website The World's eSIM Global Tracker.


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Every customer can only purchase one device by default. If you're interested in being one of our distributors of MOGO T1, please contact us at