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The World’s First Probiotic Air & Surface Purifier

The Biotica800® is designed as a central automated misting Enviro-Biotics™ device at your home and office. We use a proprietary blend of probiotics called Enviro-Biotics™ to re-populate your indoor environment. An ultra-fine mist continuously releases billions into the air to land on surfaces, penetrate fabrics, and infiltrate every corner where irritants, allergens and pathogens thrive. Once dispersed, Enviro-Biotics consume the same food that bad bacteria need to survive.

  • 100% Organic Probiotics purify indoor surfaces and the air you breathe
  • MADE SAFE® certified for everyone in your family
  • Safe for pets and plants too! 
  • Treats up to 800 sq/ft
  • Fits seamlessly into any room or decor with a small footprint of just 10” x 5”


BetterAir® believes there is no such thing as clean air without clean surfaces. BetterAir® never uses chemicals, filters, UV lights, ozone, or antibiotics. Dispersal of 100% natural, organic environmental probiotics helps reduce:

  • Pathogens & Allergens
  • Transmission of infectious diseases
  • Asthma attacks
  • Toxic Mold Spores
  • Allergic Reactions & Irritation
  • Coughing & Scratchy Throat
  • Dust Mite Waste
  • Pet Dander
  • Bad Odours

BetterAir® is out to change the way you purify your home. Existing air purifiers use either filters or indiscriminate kill technology. Filters are limited by the amount of air they can handle and other solutions blindly eliminate both good and bad bacteria. The biggest drawback is these products only treat the air leaving surfaces, furniture, and objects overrun with allergens


It is recommended to place the Biotica800® in common areas such as living rooms, reception areas and lofts. It may be placed either as a stand-alone unit on a table top or be mounted on a wall.

The device contains a 105 ml (3.55 oz) Enviro-Biotics® cartridge,  that covers an area of up to 75 sqm (800 sqf.) to last approximately 90 days of continuous operation. Refill cartridges may be purchased in iFREE GROUP store. 

Dimensions:  L 25 x H 10 x W 5 cm (10 X 3.8 X 2 Inch)
Weight: 845 gr. (1.86 lb.).

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