Refund policy

Thanks for choosing iFREE GROUP. Whether you are purchasing products on MOGO APP or the iFREE GROUP official website, we want to make sure you have a pleasant experience. As with any shopping experience, there are terms and conditions that apply. Please be aware that by placing an order or making a purchase at iFREE GROUP, you have agreed to the terms and conditions set forth below. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return the item(s) as outlined in the return conditions.




Product Properties

The return process for iFREE GROUP products will be different according to their nature. Please note that our products can be divided into the following types:

1. Communication Products, such as SIM cards: The specific characteristic of this type of product is that it is small in size, can be used right after plugging in and can be easily lost. In case of damage and data loss, do not bend or scratch the SIM card, and keep them in a clean place to avoid contact with dust, water, and chemicals.

2. Electronic Accessory Series, such as Power Banks and Portable Wi-Fi routers: The Power Bank can serve the function of a power reserve to charge devices and is convenient to travel around with. Such products are highly compatible, therefore they must be used and stored properly. Do not drop the Power Bank or allow it to be exposed to water.

3. Zengo Health Product Series, such as Zengo Waistband: The Zengo LED Lightwave Treatment Waistband uses lightwave to relieve waist pain and is convenient to travel around with. These types of products can be used directly on the skin, and therefore must be kept clean and prevented from the build-up of dust.




    Return Conditions

    1. Applicants applying for return must complete the whole return process within 14 days of receiving your product. If the product is returned within that time period, we will provide an exchange or refund to your original payment method.

    2. Before returning your item(s), you must contact our customer service team to inform the reason for return. After approval, please follow the return instructions. If you ship the item(s) back without contacting us we will not be held responsible for any consequences.

    3. If you are applying for a return, you must keep the original invoice, receipt, and original packaging as proof for us to process your return.

    4. iFREE allows for reasonable usage and testing methods. If any damage is caused during the process of testing or is caused by improper use, we have the right to charge you for any loss in value to the goods as a result of your damage.

    5. If you use any iFREE GROUP Services (e.g. calls, texts, or data) during the return processing period, you will be charged respectively.

    6. If you return a product to us, you must include the product itself along with its' original packaging and collateral material. This includes accessories, manuals, and any free gifts or bonus items supplied with your purchase. If anything is damaged or missing, you may be charged as outlined on our price list during your return process.

    7. If you need to return any electronics or telecom products, you must ensure they are packaged separately with proper care. If you have already opened the package, please pack the item securely to ensure it is returned in its’ original packaging.

    8. During the return process, please ensure you have sent the correct item to the correct destination. If you send us the wrong product or if the product gets lost during delivery, we will not be able to process your return request and you will still be charged in accordance with our original agreement.

    9. Shipping charges on returns are non-refundable. Items shipped and paid for by Cash on Delivery may be charged separately.

    10. When submitting the return application, please submit the correct tracking number of the product(s) you are returning to avoid any delays during the return process.

    11. Refund requests are processed based on two conditions:

    Please contact our customer service team as soon as possible about your refund request for further arrangement.
    Please contact customer service within 7 days after receiving the goods to apply for a refund with goods returned. You are required to return the goods back to our company, and make sure that the goods are in a new, unused and resaleable condition. You will be responsible for any shipping costs that occur for all returned goods. Once the item is received at our fulfillmet center, it will take 1-5 business days for the refund to be processed. Any refunds will be returned via the original payment method.




    Refund/Exchange procedure

    1. Contact Customer Service Team: Please contact our online Customer Service Team within 14 days of the date you receive the product. You can proceed to the next step once you receive our Team's refund approval.

    2. i) Offline purchase: If your product has been purchased at one of our physical stores, please contact the store directly and follow the refund instructions.

    3. i) Online purchase: If your product was purchased at the iFREE Online Store, you can return it along with the original packaging to the designated address within 5 days of the date you have received the refund approval from our Customer Service Team. You are required to afford the cost of return shipping and iFREE GROUP will afford the delivery cost of the replaced product.

    ii) Once we have received the returned product and packaging and confirm that they meet the aforementioned conditions, iFREE GROUP will issue the refund to your account within three to five working days via the original payment method.

    iii) Once we have received the exchanged product and packaging and confirm that they meet the aforementioned conditions, iFREE GROUP will ship you a replacement of the exact item within 2 working days.




    Reasons for Return Rejection

    1. iFREE GROUP follows return procedures strictly to protect the interests of consumers. Any returns that have not received approval will not be processed.

    2. Items that do not comply with the return policy (such as the product not in its’ original form or functionality, or returning an incorrect product), and is merely an item as a gift is not considered eligible for returns.

    3. If you send us a product that does not belong to iFREE GROUP, or if the product is lost during delivery, no refunds will be made.

    4. When the product arrives for refunds, if there is obvious damage caused by person(s) and is not in a re-saleable condition, the refund process will not be considered. iFREE GROUP reserves the right to refuse a refund.

    5. We reserve the right to refuse item return or exchanges that do not comply with the time period of return as mentioned above in Return Process.




    Final Note

    These policies are in addition to consumer‘s statutory rights. For more information on consumer’s statutory rights, please contact your local government authority. If there is any violation of other terms of service, the refund policy will not be applicable.