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The iFREE MOGO S is a global data SIM card that offers worldwide coverage in more than 200 countries and areas. Conveniently delivering connectivity to every traveller, iFREE MOGO S provides you with a highly stable high-speed internet connection through our extensive network. Our sophisticated technology enables travellers to save 95% roaming fees.


No Roaming Charges

Connect to local networks without paying roaming fees.

MOGO S sim card supports over 200 countries worldwide


Pay as you go 

Flexible plans for all your travelling needs.

purchase data package on MOGO APP easily

Broader coverage

Travel to 200+ countries and areas using just one SIM.

200+ countries coverage


Customer care

We offer 24-hour customer support.

7-24 hour online customer support

Select the amount of credit you would like. The credit will reload to your MOGO account when you bind the card. *1 USD=100 iPoint


Ships to anywhere in the world. Normally order fulfilment within 2 working days.

Please download the MOGO APP to check the complete countries and region coverage list.


NOTE: Duties and Taxes are not included in the products and shipping prices. For this reason, you’ll look to the state level and see how much taxes you’ll pay when received the products.

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