Visit the Top 5 places in Europe with an eSIM

Ready for the end of year travel peak season? Come have a read of the popular countries to visit in Europe.


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Visit Paris, a city floating with passion and love.
Many tourists rate Paris as a must-go place in Europe. Surround yourself with art collections and historical architecture with many highly influential museums, monuments and churches.
Enjoy the warm atmosphere while walking down the streets with cascading trees and glowing streetlamps. And don't forget about the Eiffel Tower. Imagine yourself and your loved ones together under one of the most romantic destinations in the world with millions of dazzling lights upon you all.

Rome is a city full of history. Beginning from Ancient times to now the modern age, blended with famous historical gems and present pieces. No matter if you are a site-seeker or a foodie, Rome has got you covered.

Visit the Colosseum or Vatican Museums and experience what it's like in the ancient days. Walk from site to site and try foods such as pizzas, pasta and don't forget about the delicious gelato.



Dive into a world of a fusion of antiquate and contemporary at London. Visit the British Museum or the Tower of London, both are fascinating places to drop by and spend a day or half just wandering around to take some beautiful photos that can be taken away with you when you depart from this great city.

The River Thames has been an inspiration source for authors and artists for a very long time. The experience that you get from being there in-person is astonishing and is definitely a place worth visiting. Take a break on a cruise for lunch or dinner at River Thames and be ready to be amazed with the views along the way. If cruises are not your thing, just take a slow walk down the path of River Thames.



Want some fun? Explore the nightlife in Barcelona. Spend your evening at beachside nightclubs with some drinks and music. The charming Spanish metropolis does not only have beautiful beaches and amazing nightclubs, Barcelona also has an authentically historic side.

Be awestruck by the Sagrada Família or visit sacred churches and signature architectures. This city has it all. Drift down the streets of Las Ramblas, enjoy Spanish foods and wine at restaurants and browse around at a vibrant pedestrian market.



Germany is proud to claim Berlin. It is a beautiful and stunning city with museums and modern entertainment, from fashion to food to nightclubs. See places that are recognisable by many. The Reichstag Building, Brandenburg Gate or just interesting avenues and boulevards in the Mitte District. All are popular destinations to add to your todo list. You don't want to miss out on the city's entirety.

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